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The season of Veganuary is upon us and more people than ever are taking the pledge to turn vegan for 31 days! It is estimated that over half a million people in the UK have taken part .

So do veganuarians eat grass for the first month of the year?... Not exactly. In 2021 you no longer have to compromise with your meals with supermarkets and food outlets offering more plant-based options then ever before. Sausages, burgers, steaks, eggs, cheese and many more of your favourite food items are now available in a plant-based option. Companies are not stopping there, just imagine a 3D printed vegan steak! That's right Israeli start up 'redefine meat' have designed a alternate steak product using 3D printing technology to mimic the marbling fat to give the real appearance.

At Dhil's Eats we are not stopping either. This Veganuary we have released three new dishes all made from our own plant-based ingredients and recipes. BEHOLD...

We bring to you our loaded fries in all their glory! Variety is the spice of life and that's why you can choose your favourite fries with any box :)

Club box - Crispy succulent panko fillet sliced on top of bac'n bits with lashings of bac'naise

Marinara box - Classical rich marinara sauce with juicy meatballs topped with gooey vegan cheese

Grill box - Tandoori vegan paneer and tender sheekh kebabs giving you multiple flavour bombs and delightful textures. finished with a healthy dose of chilli-mint sauce. Just what the doctor ordered!

We have got you covered this veganuary, whether you are vegan or not you have to try our creations. These boxes were conceived after much trial, error and research. We don't want people to compromise, our food should just be great tasting and wholesome and most of all cruelty free!

Are you up for the Veganuary challenge?


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