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What do I love more than food? The way food makes other people feel, and that’s what planted the seed at the age of 8 years.

A normal child at that age is into their toy cars, but I was too busy playing restaurant and making up customers. Yet at such a young age, I didn’t know that was my calling until April 2020.

I gave up meat at the age of 11. There were foods I loved which I was missing out on like sheekh kebabs, so I turned to alternatives like Quorn and tofu. Let’s just say it didn’t quite hit the spot! This always left a void in my stomach and a question in my head, where can I find vegan chicken wings or sheekh kebabs?

Long story short, I couldn’t find it so I made it, but even better, vegan. Vegan options have this stigma of limited food options that is bland, which fueled my vision even more. Being vegan is not boring and it’s not tasteless. To prove it, Dhil’s Eat is your go-to vegan street-food that only has one difference to that standard chicken shop down the road.


There’s no compromise.

Behind the kitchen chaos is me, Dhilon, the Founder and Owner of Dhil’s Eats. 

check out our radio Interview and news article ! 
BBC Radio Leicester Interview
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